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       I like to think that my passion for photography began

long before I even knew it. As a child I was very imaginative, creative and adventurous which are characteristics that I still have today. In my early teen years I began taking the ideas in my head and attempted to make them real and visual. Luckily my friends went along with my crazy and wacky ideas as I played around with videography and photography almost everytime I hungout with them. In school I always loved visual art, drama and media classes. I never liked any other class as much as I loved these which proves to me now that I was doomed right from the start to end up as an artist.



   After school, I spent the next few years gaining experience in various jobs and assisted photographers. I felt very lost and confused as to which direction to take but quickly realized that school was not for me. I knew that no matter which path I took I needed to be out on adventures, meeting new people and finding excitement in every day. I thought about doing photography so often but was intimidated by all the competition out there and thought that I would not be good enough. So I continued searching and took a year off to travel around the world! At this point in my life, that was the best decision I had ever made! I travelled to Africa and Australia. It was the perfect opportunity for me to find out who I really am and to broaden my horizons. Through my travels I met the most amazing people and was truly inspired.

I returned home with so much excitement for the next chapter, although I had no idea what I would be doing! I learned through travelling that all I wanted in life was to be happy. I did not want to be stuck in a job for the rest of my life that I had no passion for. So I continued to work and waited until I felt like an opportunity had come up or a door had been opened. Sure enough, not too long after, I was given the opportunity to start my own photography business. Travelling had allowed me to break out of my shell and so I was no longer nervous or scared to go for what I really wanted. This opportunity felt like such a perfect fit and my friends and family really seemed to think so too.

 So now here I am! And I can definitely say that I am truly happy. I absolutely love meeting my clients, travelling to various locations and putting my creativity to work!


For me, the biggest reward of all is knowing that a client

 has enjoyed the session and is happy with the pictures that they take home. Hopefully years down the road, they can look back at them with fond memories.       

©2018 by Kayla Martin.